Pec Raising Result


Ciprodez CiprodezCiprofloxacin-based antimicrobial injection
Iver-Vet 3.5 Iver-Vet 3.5Ivermectin-based endectocide concentrate
Máximo Pour-On Máximo Pour-OnMaximum result for your herd. Minimum deficiency for your production.
Iver-Vet ADE Iver-Vet ADEIvermectin and Vitamins A, D and E based endectocide injection
Maximo Spray Maximo SprayMaximum result for your herd. Minimum deficiency for your production.
Quallyxine QuallyxineAssociation of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory in intramammary suspension for treatment of mastitis.
Sultrinjex SultrinjexAntimicrobial association of Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim in injection solution
Iver-Vet Iver-VetIvermectin-based endectocide injection
Bio-Abavet Bio-AbavetAbamectin-based endectocide for injection
Bio-Ciper 6% Pour On Bio-Ciper 6% Pour OnExternal cypermethrin-based antiparasitic
Oxytetracycline 20% L.A Biovet Oxytetracycline 20% L.A BiovetLong-acting and broad-spectrum antimicrobial injection
Bio-Ciper 15% spray Bio-Ciper 15% sprayExternal cypermethrin-based antiparasitic
Amitraz 25% Spray Amitraz 25% SprayAmitraz-based external antiparasitic
Fortecilin Plus Fortecilin PlusPenicillin-based and streptomycin-based antimicrobial injection
Fortecilin FortecilinPenicillin-based and streptomycin-based antimicrobial injection
Bio-Cio Bio-CioSynthetic prostaglandin injection
Bio-Ferr Bio-FerrIron Dextran Solution injection
Biovet Screwworm Killer Spray Biovet Screwworm Killer SprayAntilarva, anti-botfly, repellant and healing product
Brucel-Vet Brucel-VetVaccine against Bovine Brucellosis
Carbun-Vet Polyvalent Carbun-Vet PolyvalentPolyvalent vaccine against clostridiosis
Carbun-Vet T/HB Carbun-Vet T/HBPolyvalent vaccine against clostridioses conjugated with tetanus
Encefalovacin EncefalovacinBivalent vaccine against Equine Encephalomyelitis
Equi-Boost Equi-BoostSteroid injection exclusive for competition horses
Equisantel Paste Equisantel PasteOral wormer for horses
Glucaril GlucarilInjection solution for intensive calcium therapy
Iver-Vet Paste Iver-Vet PasteOral wormer for horses
Leptovacin LeptovacinHeptavalent vaccine against Leptospirosis
Levamisol Biovet Levamisol BiovetWormer and immune stimulant in injection solution
Liverton LivertonAntitoxic injection
Ocitopec OcitopecSynthetic oxytocin injection
Oxfaden OxfadenWormer in oral suspension
Rai-Vet Liquid Rai-Vet LiquidInactivated vaccine against rabies in herbivores
Resguard Multi Resguard MultiPolyvalent vaccine against clostridioses conjugated with botulism